"I might look scary, but if you know me better… I am so cute."
10 things about me
1) My name is Phimphitcha [ Pim-pit-cha] Majic Aubert [ Ohh-bear], but please call me "Majic".
In Thai culture everyone has two names with significant meanings. My nickname "Majic" comes from the brand of my father’s favorite pen.
3) I can perform many magic tricks. 
4) I have a "cry" on/off switch, after learning the trick from performing arts classes (no onions required).
5) I take pictures of many objects when I walk around, and use their shape or colors as inspiration for branding ideas.
6) When I'm stuck and can't find the right idea for my work, I either cook something complicated or sit on the toilet. I call it meditation.
7) Don't ask me to cook Pad Thai. Try something more interesting like my Fog Jungle Curry or Moo Ping instead.
8) My goal is to reach 1 million followers on Instagram. Only 99.95% left to go.
9) I'm about 8,630 miles from my hometown, Phetchabun in Thailand. I went that far to catch my dreams, nothing can stop me now.
10) Each time I say “so cute”, I really mean that

You can also check out my Résumé or my LinkedIn profile.
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