The brief: Make an interactive game that has a high replayability value.
We decided to make an interactive matching game that would be personalized to the players.  It’s simplicity and fast gameplay enables players to have fun and then repeat at a high rate.
The opportunity:
With the recent successes of community mobile gaming (Farmville, Bubble Quest, Words with Friends) Matchy Matchy has a great opportunity to move from a physical game into the realm of online play. Playing with friends has never been more accessible!
Brand Pairing:
So, what is so enticing about Matchy Matchy? IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU. People love themselves. 
They love talking about themselves. They love making other people listen to their stories and learning more about them. 
The game has sort of a “club” mentality where you and the people you are playing with are the only people who will be good at the game because only that group will know the icons 
and pictures being played that round.
How will every round played be able to create this type of environment and playability between different groups of player, every time? Facebook of course! Realize it, if you have a Facebook account, they have a lot of information on you and everyone that your friends with. They know what you like, where you’ve been, how frequently you do things etc. 
By using this information, Facebook can randomly create a unique experience every time where people can enjoy and connect with each other. The game itself hits upon Facebook’s core value of connecting!
Pick up to five friends to invite from your Facebook friends list. 
Upon everyone accepting begin the game.
This is where the Facebook magic happens. The network will determine shared likes, photos, check-ins, favorites etc. from your posting history and the other players and conjure up a personalized game for your party. It will be easier for you to match items that were taken from you and harder to match items between other players, giving everyone a fair chance.
At the start of gameplay you will have a card on the left in your “hand” and a card on 
the right on the “table”. When the game starts the timer also begins.
The goal is to match icons from the left to icons on the right card as fast as you can!
There will always be a match between any two cards thanks to an algorithm.
After you finish matching your whole deck, your time is recorded. This brings you to the stats screen (after everyone in your party has finished) and you see the rankings between players of that round.
Oh dang you won? You’re a Matchy Matchy master!
Of course you do!
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